The 8/12 Gas Station is a building in RoCitizens. You can buy some simple items, such as food. You can also rob the store.


The 8/12 Gas Station is located on the right of Spencer Auto Sales, which is across from the spawn, and left of the Nomburger restaurant. Across from it is the movie theater, and behind it is the town pool.



The exterior is a very basic design and is comparable to a normal gas station. There is a small parking lot near the building, and a mini fill-up station, with four tanks of gas. A sign with all the gas prices reads 949 at the top, 958 in the middle, and 967 at the bottom. At the top of these prices, their logo, a red 8 with the words "Twelve" at the bottom of it in yellow is displayed.



The interior is similar to a typical gas station. When you walk through the glass pane door (click the door to open/close) you will be greeted by a cashier named James. He is interactive, and you can press 'F' to interact with him. Saying "How are you today?" will cause him to "*sigh*". James has brown hair, the default smile, and wears a red work shirt, black jeans, and white shoes.  

The floor of the gas station is a nougat color. There are 4 different lights, but they can not be turned off. If you go behind the counter, there is a hallway you can go into. All it is though, is a dark hallway. There is nothing at the end or in it. There are 2 shelves in the gas station. The first one has brown blocks (packaged goods), what food it resembles is currently unknown. There are also chocolate bars on the bottom shelf which you may click. An interface will pop up reading "Smershey's Chocolate Bars: $12". To buy this item, simply click the "Buy" button.  


  • You can rob the gas station by becoming a robber and pointing a gun at James. James will then say: "AH Please don't hurt me!", and you will have the option to take his money (which in the process will alert the cops), or walk away.
  • 8 Twelve is a reference to the real-life gas station 7-11.
  • You cannot buy gas, but you can put gas in cars and trucks.

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