The Art Gallery is a place where you can buy paintings to place in your house alongside furniture. A new set of paintings is be generated after each in-game day. If your own art is bought by you or another player, it will give you the deluxe condo with stats set to optimal levels

Types of paintings

There are 5 types of paintings: common, uncommon, rare, deluxe, and ancient. The most expensive piece of art is the "hearts and flower", priced at around $400,000. Even though the price of this painting is cheap, the rarity is still ancient.


trippy acid costs 90,000 as it is the cheapest

mona lisa dabbing costs 100,000

fire vs ice costs 250,000

the paintings on the bottom are uncommon

adidas logo costs 500,00

nails in fire costs 750,000

English art costs 1,000,000

the paintings below this text are rare

ice costs 2,500,000

hole in the wall costs 5,000,000

these paintings below are deluxe

beach costs 10,000,000

thor costs 25,000,000

CPU costs 50,000,000

these paintings below are ancient and were found in ruins

atlantis costs 100,000,000

Egyptian art costs 250,000,000

Precambrian fossil costs 500,000,000 (vip only)

and finally hearts and flowers costs 100,000,000,000

Other prices coming soon

But really i don't think these prices are right.