Bailley's Emporium is a building in RoCitizens. It currently serves the purpose of providing players with seasonal clothing items. It has its own parking lot, even though said parking lot is particularly small.


Bailley's Emporium is located behind Nomburger, across from the apartment building. It is very close to the parking garage.


The exterior of the building is very basic. Dark blue brick walls cover the entire building, with a plastic material black roof. The back of the building reads "Bailley's [Insert holiday here] Emporium" in colorful letters.



The interior of the building is also very basic, with black roofing and black flooring. The inner-walls are a dark blue color. Directly to your right when entering the building, there is a wooden counter, where Bailley herself stands at the register. In front of Bailley's register, there are a few aisles of clothing for both men and women.

The clothing items change according to the event. Most clothing items seen here are purchasable ONLY from here, and are available only for a limited time

Buy-able Items

If you'd like to see what was available at Bailley's Emporium, click here.


  • You are not able to rob Bailey's Summer Store.
  • When this store was new, Players could buy the cat ears and bandanna by glitching in. Later they were moved to the normal clothes shop.
  • The clothing sold in this store is available for a limited period only.
  • The white letters on the logo read "le shop"