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• The bank consists of one rob-able clerk, four locked commercial doors, and one bank vault with 5 sets of 12 deposit boxes inside it. Each of the 60 total deposit boxes requires a lock kit to get what's inside. The boxes could hold a variety of items, each type worth different amounts. Needless to say, choose your boxes wisely.

• The bank is mainly a hotspot for robbers, though it can also be used for investments.

  • Investments are used to make money after a period of time. There are 4 investments: 1000$ For 1500$ After 1 hour, 3000$ For 5000$ after 4 hours, 5000$ For 10000$ after 1 day, and 10000000$ For 25000$ After one week
  • The bank is located to the right of the hospital

NOTE: TO ROB THE BANK, YOU NEED AT LEAST 1 PLASTIC EXPLOSIVE, ONE SKELETON KEYCARD, AND ONE OR MORE LOCK KITS. THERE ALSO HAS TO BE ONE PLAYER WITH THE COP JOB. The items listed above can be brought by friends if you are doing a group robbery, excluding the lock kit(s). You can buy all these items from the Shady Sam next to the robbery job ring.

• In the game, the bank is referred to as "Bank of RoCity".

To get to the bank, go down the road that goes between the museum and hospital, take a right, and at the end of the road, on your left is the bank.

STRATEGY: First, park your car at the back of the bank (There's a garage). Go through the garage doors, and open the door using the Skeleton Keycard. Bust in through the vault using your bomb and steal the valuables. The deposit boxes may not have as much loot as you may expect, so bring multiple lock picks. Open as much boxes as you can and get the loot. Now, get to your car and rush to the Safe Zone. Remember to bring a fast car (like a Valiant) so you can outrun the cops.