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A picture of the while flap appearing over your character sometimes when you change your shirt.

There are multiple different bugs and glitches in RoCitizens.

Known Bugs/Glitches

  • If you are a robber, and just robbed a store and are heading to the safe zone, you can't teleport to your car or your house. But, if you accidentally fall off the map or if you end your shift while on the run, the game will think that you are still on the run and won't let you teleport.
  • If you are driving a police vehicle, and then end your shift, it will tell you on your MyCar app that you are still using that police car.
  • If your screen reads "Press F to interact" and then you teleport to your house or your car, it will still show "Press F to interact". This will go away after a while though.
  • When you put in the ihaveafish code the game tells you that you got $1,500. However, you actually only got $1,000.
  • When pressing any button while sitting or sleeping you are forced to get up. This no longer applies when in chatting mode or with the hotkeys to eat food.
  • When opening a door your head might get stuck in it, this can be frustrating as a robber on the run, as it can take 20 seconds to glitch out. During that time, you are a sitting duck for any cop.
  • There's a glitch that, after you get Daily Bonus, you keep resetting and keep claiming the Daily Bonus cash. This glitch is used by poor players to get quick money.
  • If you sit down and eat a food item, you will stand up to eat it.
  • If you become a robber and go to the bank and try to bomb the vault it says "Robbery In Progress"
  • If you are quick enough, when you first join and open up the investments menu, before the menu updates you can collect your investment, even if you haven't waited the full time. If you reset, you can perform this glitch that way. Resetting can be combed with parking your car next to the bank, as you can reset, teleport to your car, collect your investment, and reset again. This can be used for some really quick cash

Fixed Bugs/Glitches

  • There's a bug which currently is really famous when joining RoCitizens you will get this message "Error while sending data" Fixed as of 7/8/18
  • When you join the game daily bonus will always be at day one Fixed as of 6/2/18
  • You can't demolish your house sometimes. Fixed as of 7/10/16
  • You can invite yourself to a party using the party app. Fixed as of 7/10/16
  • If you are in your car, and choose an invitation to someones home, you will spawn at their house in your car and go flying in your car. Fixed as of 7/10/16
  • There is a really rare chance where a cop can actually rob the Super-Mart and 8/12. Fixed as of 7/10/16
  • When clicking on For-Sale signs on apartments, the signs will show the wrong apartment number. Fixed as of 7/10/16
  • When you get the police job sometimes you keep the police shirt! Fixed as of 7/10/16
  • Very rarely during the police job, the outfit will disappear and you will be shirtless. Fixed as of 7/10/16

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