Currently there are only 5 careers and 6 jobs.

The way it works is you find blue portals around the map in buildings, each one will start a different job with different tasks, you earn the base pay amount every hour, and earn the task bonus amount every time you perform a task, as well as getting EXP for performing those tasks, which is randomized but usually around 1-8. Afterwards you can end the shift and do whatever you desire.

Exp will increase the base pay and caps at 1,000 for every career. It's unknown if it increases task bonuses as well.

Job Tutorials

Although jobs are important, what is more important is knowing how to actually do them! Click here or the header above to learn more about how to do certain jobs.

Law Enforcement

Police Officer

Base pay: $18

Task Bonus: $100

Description: A Police Officer patrols the city and keeps peace between the citizens. They also catch any criminals on the loose.



Base pay: $20

Task Bonus: $25

Description: A nurse takes care of patients by inspecting patient's chart and going to retrieve the items that the patient needs.



Base pay: $15

Task bonus: $10

Description: A cashier assists the customer in checking out their items by taking them from the conveyor, scanning them, and placing them in bags.

Food Clerk

Base pay: $15

Task bonus: $10

Description: A food clerk takes a customer's order by clicking the correct buttons on the screen. They also bag completed orders and deliver them to the customer.


Line Cook

Base pay: $15

Task Bonus: $10

Description: A Line Cook takes the appropriate ingredients from storage and uses them to prepare the food or drink that matches the orders displayed on the order board.



Base pay: N/A

Task Bonus: Varies, but doesn't exceed $2,000

Description: As a Robber you will be able to rob stores around the map. Bully and steal your way to fortune and fame, but watch out for the cops!