Cars are the mainstream method of going around town. Although walking is the most popular method, cars provide a faster and easier way to move around. There are currently 4 types of cars: Undertaker, which is the cheapest and what seems to be a very old car, Intrepid, Renegade, Monarch, Valiant, which is the most expensive car, and Police (this car is only obtainable if you are currently working as a police officer).

Car Creation

When you first start, you get a car, but if you want a new one you must go to Spencer's Auto Sales and buy one, when you do you'll get a car customization menu


When in the menu you might notice you can't click on Frame or Hood, to fix this simply click the speech bubble icon in the top to fix it and disable chat, once you're done click on it again to bring up chat again.



The general shape of your car

Undertaker - $400 Intrepid - $4400 Renegade - $5300 Monarch - $7800 Valiant - $9200 Jaguar - 110,000


The part that appears on the front of your car, ^ means it's only supported by the jaguar frame. (Note: The jaguar doesn't support non-jaguar-only hoods!)

Standard - $0 Vent 1 - $3000 Vent 3 - $4000 Vent 2 - $4500 Scoop 1 - $6000 Stripes 1 - $9000^ Stripes 2 - $9000^ Indent - $4000^

Primary Color

The color of your cars frame and hood

Stock Colors - $0 Black & White - $2000 Standard Colors - $4000 Luxury Colors - $10000

Secondary Color

The color of the bottom of your car

Stock Colors - $0 Black & White - $2000 Standard Colors - $4000 Luxury Colors - $10000



Rim Color

The color of your rims

Stock Colors - $0 Black & White - $500 Standard Colors - $4000 Luxury Colors - $8000



The part that appears on the back of the car (Note: The renegade frame doesn't support spoilers!)

None - $0 Flat - $1500 Lip - $2000 Medium - $2500 Tall - $4250 Skewed - $4500 Wing - $5000

Spoiler Color

The color of your spoiler (if you have one on)

Stock Colors - $0 Black & White - $500 Standard Colors - $1500 Luxury Colors - $4000


An extension around the perimeter of the bottom (Note: The jaguar frame doesn't support skirts!)

None - $0 Standard - $3500 Tilted - $4000

Skirts Color

The color of your skirts

Stock Colors - $0 Black & White - $1500 Standard Colors - $3000 Luxury Colors - $6000

Limited Cars

There has been, and currently is one limited car. These cars are either not available to be bought at Spencer's Auto Shop, or/and they are only for a limited time, mostly for holidays.


The sleigher is a car, currently available, that was added in the 2016 Christmas Update. It can be acquired in a gift at the Christmas Tree, or buy buying it after you take your daily spin on the Christmas Tree. There is a 1% chance that it can be obtained.

The sleigher's body is red. It has a red-nosed reindeer on the hood of it. There are six black seats, mire than the usual four in the other cars. The car has a pale green floor, with an open roof and clear windshield. This car cannot be customized.

The sleigher is the second fastest car in the game, below the Jaguar, according to Firebrand1 on his twitter.

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