The Christmas tree is part of the 2016 and 2017 Christmas event.

Location Edit


Christmas Tree in-game

  • It's to the right of the supermarket, and a little downwards
  • To the left of RoCity High School and the right of the town pool

Appearance Edit

Just a standard, huge Christmas tree with multiple Christmas presents wrapped around it.

Daily Bonus Edit

Every day, you can open a new present with an item in it below the Christmas tree.

Dialogue Edit

Press F for the first piece of dialogue to appear. Selecting leave at anytime resets it all.

  • Present: *The tag reads: 'For [your user]'*
  • You: *Open present*
  • You: *Leave*

Then a menu will pop up reading "Daily Gift" in red letters, with a question mark inside a red box featured below. Listen underneath reads Roll. There's also a screen to the right listening rare chances for certain items.

Once "Roll" is selected, it will scroll through random amounts of money and furniture items. Once something appears, it will read both "Reroll" and "Select". You can select "Reroll" to roll again, but you will need to pay 24 Robux. You can also select to buy the Sleigher car for 1000 Robux in 2016, but it costed 2000 Robux in 2017

Rare Chances Edit


The Sleigher car. This is a rare roll from the Christmas Tree.

Epic - 1% (note: this is only for the Sleigher)

Very Rare - 5% (note: this is only for the Train Table)

Very Rare - 10%

Rare - 20%

Common - 50%