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Clothing is what you can put on your avatar to make them stylish for free. Many players have bought the Catalog Access to get a even bigger variety to choose cloths form.

There are 2 Main Clothing stores - The Le Vete and Bailley's Emporium

Le Vete

The following are clothing items from Le Vete


This list is in order from lowest to highest price.

Name Price Description
Paper Hat $150 Just a simple white newspaper with black writing and pictures.
Kitty Ears $250 Just a simple pair of black kitty ears.
Bandana $280 Just a simple black bandana.
Chef Hat $300 Just a simple chef hat, all white.
Skater Hat $350 Black hair underneath this grey hat with a white symbol (ЯB)
Backwards Cap $350 A blue cap with a white color up front, along with the ROBLOX "R".
Headphones $350 All black with a white "R" for "ROBLOX" on the fronts, and a greyish inside.
DC Hat $400 A black hat with a squiggly line pattern in blue, along with a white DC logo.
Banded Top Hat $400 A completely black top hat, with a green band at the bottom.
Snow Cap $410 Just an average fuzzy black snow cap, with a brown inside.
Pinstripe Fedora $450 All black with grey stripes coming down it, along with a white band.
Tiara $750 Just a simple grey jewel tiara.
Crown $800 Just a simple gold crown.
Gold Fedora $2500 A shiny gold all around with what seems to be a diamond band.


This list is in order from lowest to highest price. And also, in order to buy a backpack you don't click the manikin, but the actual backpack. All backpacks have black straps.

Name Price Description
Green Backpack $50 Just a simple green backpack.
Blue Packpack $50 Just a simple blue backpack.
Yellow Backpack $50 Just a simple yellow backpack.
Red Backpack $50 Just a simple red backpack.


This list is in order from lowest to highest price.

Name Price Description
Red Fabric Bracelet $150 Just an all red bracelet.
Black Fabric Blacelet $150 Just an all black bracelet.
Double Gold Bangles $300 Just a pair of all gold bangles.
Double Blue Bangles $300 Just a pair of all blue bangles.
Double Silver Bangles $300 Just a pair of all silver bangles.
Brown Shell Bracelet $500 Just all brown shells.
White Shell Bracelet $500 All white shells, some with a little grey shade.


This list is in order from lowest to highest price. Note that all hair is by default black, however you can change your hair color in the character customization menu.

Name Price Description
Slick $30 Flat smooth hair with sideburns and long hair in the back.
Sharp $30 Has short, flat sideburns with medium bangs and a curved back.
Clipped $30 Long hair in the back, with no sideburns but long bangs that are separated into groups.
Shaggy $40 Short bangs, no sideburns, progressively gets longer towards the back.
Messy $40 Sharp sideburns with long back hairs and uneven bangs.
Hairspray $40 Short bangs with long hair in the back, very smooth.
Smooth $50 Hair covering most of the right eye, long hair overall, reaching to the bottom of the head.
Pointy $50 Short sideburns with short back hair, reaching to half of the head's length, with a point at the hairline in the front.
Rugged $60 Very messy hair, uneven bangs and hair reaching half the head's length in the back.
Lush $60 Very thick hair, reaching passed head's length on all sides except front, with short bangs.
Punk $70 Pointy hair on top, pointing mostly to the left, with medium bangs and reaching a quarter of the head's length in the back.
Wavy $70 Long hair reaching passed the head's length, with no bangs, hair further back on the right but closer to the front on the left.
Wild $80 Very messy hair, uneven at all points, reaching to the head's length in the back.
Beautiful $80 Long sideburns with hair in the back reaching passed half the head's length, with pointy, slick hair in the front facing to the left.
Mermaid $90 Uneven bangs, with hair in the back reaching passed the head's length, visible uneven points on top of the hair.


This list is on order from lowest to highest. In the game you can not get blurry vision, therefore you do not need glasses to see. These glasses are just for show.

Name Price Description
Purple Glasses $150 Just a simple pair of purple glasses.
Black Glasses $150 Just a simple pair of black glasses.
Red Glasses $150 Just a simple pair of red glasses.
White Glasses $150 Just a simple pair of white glasses.
Sleek Sunglasses $300 A sleek black temple, and what seems to be tinted/curved lenses.
Stylish Glasses $350 A black temple, leading up to a square hinge, with a black square lens.
Aviators $400 Just simply black aviators with a shade of grey for the lens.
Tinted Aviators $400 A black temple, with a tinted lens.


The following lists are from cheapest to most expensive. They have been organized into boys pants/shorts and girls pants/shorts.


This list is in order from lowest to highest.

Name Price Description
Orange Trunks $70 Just simple orange trunks with white laces.
Blue Trunks $70 Just simple blue trunks with white laces.
Black Jeans $100 Just ordinary black jeans with a grey-ish pocket outlining.
Blue Jeans $110 Just ordinary blue jeans with a yellow pocket outlining.
Cargo Shorts & Shoes $110 Tan-ish pants with a black pocket outlining and white shoes with black laces.
Black Slacks $130 Just ordinary grey-ish slacks with black shoes and white laces.
Tuxedo $160 Simple black pants with grey pockets and white shoes.


Something that might surprise a lot of you is that there is only one pair of girls shorts, and those are bikini bottoms.

Name Price Description
Rainbow Bikini Bottoms $80 Just simple rainbow colored bikini bottoms.

Bailley's Emporium

Bailley's Emporium is a 2 story building which sells limited time clothing


This list is in order from lowest to highest price.

Name Price Description
Pastel Hat $300 A rainbow colored hat with no extra decorations.
Rainbow Shades $350 Black frames with a rainbow covering both sides of the glass.
Floral Crown $400 A bunch of pink flowers surrounding a circular band.
Spring Hat $600 Tops of hat has a water texture, sides/bottom has a dirt texture, with blue flower.
Spring Top Hat $850 A blue fedora with pink strap. Ducks and eggs decorating sides/top.
MasterChaun $900 A white top hat with a green stripe (white clovers in the stripe).
Leprechaun Hat $1200 A green hat with a black belt stripe, gold buckle, and clover sticking out.


  • The boys shorts titled "Tuxedo" is part of a tuxedo set, not an actual tuxedo.
  • The cargo shorts and shoes were added in the [NEW FURNITURE] update.
  • The bandanna and kitty ears were originally in Bailley's Emporium, but were moved to Le Vete.