Еда-это то, что держит ваш голод, настроение вверх.

If you can't find an item you need to make something in the ingredients section, it might be located in the food section as a lot of whole foods can still be used to make items, just like real life. Recipes can be found on your personal in-game phone, on the app "Recipes". It will show you the necessary ingredients to make the food. Cooked food with varying ingredients help increase your hunger mood more than "raw" foods freshly bought from the mart.

(For pc) Certain food items can be placed when selected with right click, and then clicking the serve button when it appears, after being put on a suitable surface, it can then be taken one piece at a time by anyone.


Item Name Manufacturer Name Price Image Eating Effects
Lasagna Pasta Palace Inc $12
+2% hunger
Macaroni Pasta Palace Inc $4
+3% hunger
Potatoes Back to our Roots Inc $18
+1% hunger
Hamburger Eat Wheat Grain $13
+3% hunger
Bread Eat Wheat Grain $9
+9% hunger
Chocolate Bar Smersheys $12
+0% hunger
Bag of Sugar Sugar and Spice $18
+1% hunger
Bag of Flour Eat Wheat Grain $15
+1% hunger
Tomato Sauce Awesome Sauce Co $8
+1% hunger
Seasoning Sugar and Spice $5
+1% hunger
Pumpkin Spice Sugar and Spice $5
+1% hunger
Pepperoni Have a Cow Food Co $24
+3% hunger
Ground Beef Have a Cow Food Co $20
+1% hunger
Turkey Tastes Like Chicken $42
+4% hunger
Steak Have a Cow Food Co $38
+3% hunger
Hamburger Patties Have a Cow Food Co $21
+3% hunger
Eggs A Little Chicken Food $7
+7% hunger
Butter Have a Cow Food Co $18
+1% hunger
Milk Have a Cow Food Co $5
+3% hunger
Cheese Block Have a Cow Food Co $13
+3% hunger
Pineapple Grows On Trees Fruit $15
+4% hunger
Pumpkin Just Eat It Inc $16
+1% hunger
Bell Pepper Just Eat It Inc $4
+3% hunger
Apple Grows on Trees Fruit $4
+6% hunger
Yogurt Have a Cow Food Co $8 +10% hunger
Peanut Butter Grows on Trees Fruit $15 +5% hunger


Oven Recipes

Food Name Ingredients Required Servings Created Total Cost Image Eating Effects
Cheese and Egg Cheese Block, Milk, Eggs 4 $25
+20% hunger
Mac and Cheese Cheese Block, Macaroni Noodles 3 $17
+20% hunger
Pancakes Bag of Flour, Milk, Eggs 8 $27
+15% hunger
Turkey Turkey, Butter, Seasoning 12 $65
+35% hunger

Bread, Butter, Eggs

5 $34
+12% hunger
Apple Pie Bag of Flour, Butter, Bag of Sugar, 2 Apples 8 $59
+15% hunКебабАнанас, Болгарский Перец, Стейк6$57+ 15% к голодуСтейк На ГрилеАнанас, Стейк, Болгарский Перец6$57+ 30% голодажареный сырХлеб, Хлеб, Блок Сыра, Блок Сыра8$44+ 15% к голодуКурица На ГрилеКурица, Приправа6$34+ 25% голодаСушиРис, Рыба4$27+ 15% к голоду, Butter 6 $49
+25% hunger
Pepperoni Pizza Bag of Flour, Milk, Tomato Sauce,

Cheese Block, Pepperoni

8 $65
+40% hunger
Mashed Potato Potatoes, Butter 4 $36
+15% hunger
Gravy Butter, Bag of Flour, Milk 6 $38
+10% hunger
Hot Chocolate Chocolate, Milk, Milk 8 $22
Hot Chocolate
15% comfort
Nachos Chips, Cheese 9 $24 +25% hunger

Grill Recipes

Food Ingredients Servings per creation Total Cost Picture Eating Effect
Hamburgers Cheese Block, Hamburger (Buns), HambУдаленные ПродуктыЭто продукты питания, которые были удалены из игры, больше не доступны, или были созданы, но никогда не публиковались в игреed Steak Pineapple, Steak, Bell Pepper 6 $57 +30% hunger
Grilled Cheese Bread, Bread, Cheese Block, Cheese Block 8 $44 +15% hunger
Grilled Chicken Chicken, Seasoning 6 $34 +25% hunger
Sushi Rice, Fish 4 $27 +15% hunger

Nomburger Menu Items

These item can be purchased from Nom Burger, and are listed from appearance.

Name Price Picture Effects on Consumption Description
Burger $9 +19% hunger A standard burger. Nom.
Cheeseburger $14 +25% hunger A standard burger but with cheese. Double nom.
Deluxe Burger $23 +35% hunger Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom.
Fries $13 +23% hunger A salty greasy treat that goes well with anything.
Soda $16 +5% hunger A sweet drink to wash down your heart attack.

Больше рецептов всех блюд можно найти в телефоне

Removed Foods

These are food items that have removed from the game, no-longer obtainable, or were created but never published to the game.

Item Name Manufacturer Name Price Image Eating Effects
Candy N/A N/A
10 second speed bonus


  • For some reason, the Chocolate Bar does not raise any hunger.
  • All ingredients did not raise hunger in the past.
  • Despite there being other varieties, purchased Bell Peppers are always green, and Apples are always red.
  • The Nuts may be assorted or just pecans judging from their use in the Pecan Pie recipe.
  • Some manufacturer names such as Eat Wheat Grain Products, Tastes Like Chicken Food, and Sugar and Spice Foods have been changed to Eat Wheat Grain, Tastes Like Chicken, and Sugar and Spice, respectively, for unknown reasons.
  • There are a few ingredients that have the same names, although they are different products from different manufacturers.
  • At the very right of the Super-Mart, there seems to be a strange food object, almost seeming to be a block of cheese, but you can not buy it.
  • The Deluxe Burger at Nomburger was originally going to just be called the Nomburger.