Gamepasses are special things you can buy. They often will benefit you.

Gamepasses Edit

These are the gamepasses that you can buy.

Gamepass Description Cost Icon
Doule Wages This perk doubles your hourly pay while at work. R$200
50% Mood Decline Your RoCitizen becomes chronically happy, making your mood bars decrease much more slowly. (50% decrease rate) R$100
Street Racer Your RoCitizen has a need for speed and gains +20 top speed and +10 acceleration in any owned vehicle. R$50
Premium Buying the Premium pass gives you the following perks:

- Golden nameplate

- Special green chat color

- $500 every 10 minutes you play

- Access to Club Ice VIP

Note: In order to see your own nametag, go to your Settings app and toggle "Show Nameplate"

Catalog Access With this pass, you will be able to wear any item of clothing from the Roblox catalog on your RoCitizens character.

To use it, click the shirts or pants tab in the customize screen and input the catalog ID of the desired item.

RoTunes Buying this pass gives you access to the RoTunes phone app, which has the following features:

- Import Roblox songs & sounds

- Save songs & create playlists

- Play individual songs or playlists on loop

- Dynamically adjust volume and shuffle songs

- [SOON] Sync your phone to your sound system and play your playlists for your friends at your house!

Custom Furniture Colors This pass give you the power to customize all primary furniture colors!

To use it, click a furniture item, click the "customize" button, and click the color you wish to change. The "fill" option lets you use a preset color scheme for faster coloring.

Note: This is a relatively new feature that has not been extensively tested. The price will be reduced in the coming weeks.


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