In RoCitizens, the player has the option to either roommate with another player or build and customize their own house. There are 15 vacant lots available to build a house, or you can own an apartment inside the apartment building.

To buy blueprints, click on the shop on the bottom left side of the screen and purchase blueprints in the Blueprints tab.

To build a house or mansion, you will need to head over to the residential area and locate a red "For Sale" sign. Once you click it, you will be able to either import an old house or build a new one.


There are two kinds of apartments in the building.

Apartments 1 - 12

Cost: 500$

1 bed 1 bath.

Apartments 13 - 16

Cost: 1500$

1 bed 1 bath

(Only difference between Apartments 13 - 16 is that they offer more space than apartments 1 - 12)

Small Cabin

Blueprint cost: $1,700

1 bed 1 bath

Kitchen, Living Room

See full page: Small Cabin

Classic Suburban

Blueprint cost: $2,000

2 bed 1 bath

Kitchen, Living Room

See full page: Classic Suburban


Blueprint cost: $21,000

3 bed 2 bath

Hall, Dining Room, Kitchen, Living Room, Landing

See full page: Taylorian


Blueprint cost: $25,000

3 bed 2 bath

Lobby, Game Room, Living Room, Kitchen, Dining Room, Landing, Deck

See full page: Mansion

Mega Mansion (aka Antine Villa)

Blueprint cost: $200,000

4 Bedrooms, 2 Bath, 2 Hall, Kitchen, Living Room, Sitting Room, Game Room, Landing, Deck, Cinema, Laundry Room, Swimming Pool.

See full page: Mega Mansion Antine Villa


In RoCitizens, there is a feature where you can be a "Roommate" with somebody. Roommates cannot do anything the owner of the house can do. However, unlike regular players, they can open doors in the house.. To make somebody a roommate, go to the MyHouse App, select roommates, and you will be given a screen. You can choose up to 4 roommates, meaning there can be 1-5 inhabitants of your home. That doesn't mean others can't stay at your home too, they just can't open doors.

Notice: Roommates of someone with a Mega Mansion can not open the garage door.