The Luxury Cabin, as of December 2017, is the third most expensive house on the game, at $110,000. The Luxury Cabin contains three floors. On the first floor there is a living room, a kitchen, a bathroom, and two small bedrooms. On the second floor there is a grand double-height living room, two bedrooms, and one bathroom. The third floor contains a large loft. Approach this house by its long driveway, and park in back. There is a small pond which serves as its pool. There are two wraparound porches, and the one on the second floor can have furniture put on it. All around, this house is great if you like the cozy style of the Small Cabin, but with the luxurious features of a house like the Mega Mansion. This VS Modern Bungalow=the luxury cabin has more floors,but the bungalow is wide and has more bedrooms, But this one is definitly fancier