The MyCar App is an app on your phone, which is used to control your car in a few different ways, including

The MyCar app

    spawning, teleporting to, and selling your vehicle. Here is an up to date list of the button functions on your MyCar app.

The app thumbnail on your phone, page 1

Currently Using

This is not a button function, however, at the top of the app, it will display your current vehicle. If you haven't spawned a vehicle yet, it will display "None". If you are using a police car, it will display as "Police".

Go To

When you select "Go To", found on the top left below Currently Using, you will automatically be teleported to the driver's seat of your vehicle, ready to drive. If you are currently not using a vehicle, this will not work. You will first need to spawn your vehicle, see below.


When you select "Spawn", to the right of Go To, you will be greeted with a list of all your different cars, so choose which one you'd like to spawn, and your car will be spawned in one of two places.

  1. If you do not own a house plot yet, it will be spawned in the parking garage.
  2. If you do own a house plot, it will be spawned in your house's driveway.

If you wish to spawn the police vehicle, you have to first start your job as a police officer at the police



When you select "Sell", below Go To, you will be greeted with a list of all your different cars. Choose which one you would like to sell, and a screen will appear with the total selling price of the car. This price is determined by everything you bought for your car, the body, trim, spoilers, even paint color (if you bought one which cost extra). You can choose to cancel or go ahead and sell your vehicle. Please note that there is no redoing this, as soon as it's sold you will lose the vehicle forever and inherit all the money.

Please note that you can not sell the Police vehicle, as you never bought it.


This feature, below Spawn, is currently unavailable and will most likely be added in a recent update. Presumably, you will have the option to paint your car whatever color you wish with this feature. The only place you can paint your car currently is at Spencer's Auto Shop, so please visit there.