The MyHouse App is an app on your phone. If you do own a house/apartment, or just haven't spawned your house or rented your apartment yet, none of these options will have an effect. The toggle garage door button will only appear when you own a Mega Mansion or Modern Bungalow.

At the top of the screen, it displays the current house you own. If you don't own a house, it will read as "None". Below this are all the different button functions, which are listed below.

Go To

If you select "Go To", on the top left, you will automatically be teleported inside your home. You can use this feature if you don't want to drive all the way there.


This one is pretty straightforward, if you select "Demolish", to the right of Go To, you will get a warning message, letting you know that if you do decide to demolish your house, the entire house will be deleted from your property. Don't worry, your house will still be saved. The only way you can lose your current house is if you decide to buy a new property.


If you select "Permissions", the big button below Go To and Demolish, a GUI will appear listing all the players in the server, and you will have the option to either give them Door Access, which allows them to open doors (but not your garage door), Paint Permission which allows them to change the paint colors of your house however they wish, and property ban which bans that user from your property and they get teleported out of your land plot if they step foot in it. In order to give a user one of these permissions, simply find their name on this list, find the column that corresponds with the key, and click that grey circle to give them the permission. Once you're all finished, hit Apply below to apply those permissions.Currently when you click the permission's there's things like,"Ban" "Access" "House Paint Customization" some-time's some of the player's name's wont,Show up.


If you select "Customize", below Permissions, a GUI will appear with a list of all the different rooms in your house, including the exterior, with a colored hexagon to it's right. If you click on one of these hexagons, a full list of over 90 different colors to choose from, to customize the paint colors of your house to how you imagine. In order to customize your furniture, visit the furniture page.

Garage Door

This button will only appear if you have either the Antine Villa or Modern Bungalow, all it does is opens or closes the door upon selecting it, depending on whether it was opened or closed before (it will do the opposite. For example, if the garage door is opened it will close it)

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