The MyWork App is one of the many apps on your phone. To access this app, go to the app that reads "MyWork".

The MyWork App displays experience you've gained in each job category, and it also shows you a help section on how to get started with jobs. The MyWork App also displays the current job you are pursuing.

View Experience

Each job category caps out experience at 1000 XP.

  • Law Enforcement - Location: Police Station
  • Crime - Location: Prison Hangout
  • Medicine - Location: Hospital
  • Retail - Location: Super-Mart or Nomburger
  • Cuisine - Location: Nomburger


The help section in your MyWork app currently reads:

The job system has been redesigned. Jobs are now shift-based, where you can work whenever you want. To start a shift, find a blue job portal. A good place to start is the new Nomburger restaurant, near the apartment building. Additionally, your career progress from the old system has been translated to the new system. Enjoy!