Nomburger is a building in RoCitizens.


It is near the 8/12 Gas Station which is in front of Nomburger. Behind it is a play park and the left of the building is an unnamed building.


The exterior looks like a typical fast food restaurant. Nomburger is wrote on above both entrance with glowing red light. The color of the building is yellow and moccasin/wheat with red strip. It has a few windows and 2 interactive doors.


Inside is painted with moccasin color with purple strip above. Few tables were placed in the restaurant. A counter with a cashier which is used to buy food.


You used to be able to buy food from Nomburger, but now you just make food for NPC's there.

Food Price Made With Image
Burger $5 2 buns, patties
Cheeseburger $6 2 buns, patties, cheese
Deluxe Burger $9 2 buns, patties, cheese, onion, tomato, lettuce
Fries $4 Cooked fries, fries box
Soda $3 (all types) Soda cup, lid, straw, color of soda


  • They used to sell chocolate at Nomburger, and the price was $12, and it would raise 18% of your fun mood.
  • They also used to sell pizza and tacos at Nomburger. Pizza was $9 and increased 40% of hunger, and Tacos were $4 and increased 15% of hunger.
  • The Deluxe Burger was originally going to be called the Nomburger.