Paghetti's is a building in RoCitizens. This building is closed for renovation.


Paghetti's is near the spawn. In front of it is the highway, and behind it is, well, the parking lot. To the left of it is the Movie Theatre, and to the right of it is the Criminal Hideout. 


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The Exterior is a typical restaraunt. There is a white glowing sign that reads "Paghetti's", and two poles holding it up. There is one window on each side of the doors. On the right wall, there is one window. It then leads to another wall with no windows, just a locked door. Turn right again, and there is another wall with no windows. When you turn again, there is no windows until about the end of the wall, where there is two windows. Turn left again, and there is no windows on that wall until the very end, in which there is four. All the walls are red, and the outline of the windows are grey. The doors are glass doors with a black poll in the middle. These doors open and close by clicking on the desired door.


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The interior is a typical restaurant (however, you cannot buy actual food items from this location). The floor is a red carpet, and the walls and roof are brown. There is eighteen lights in total on the roof. At the end of the restraunt, there is a small hallways with restrooms. Currently, Paghetti's is empty due to renovations happening in the building.

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