The parking garage is a building in RoCitizens located behind the grey apartment building. This garage has one purpose only, spawning your car when you don't own a house plot.

Location Edit

Behind the apartment buildings, and to the left of the movie theatre.

Purpose Edit

There is only one main use for this building. If you spawn your car using your MyCar app, but you don't own a house plot yet, it will be spawned on the bottom floor of the parking garage.

Also, if you drive up to the third floor, there is a wooden ramp which you can drive off of to go flying and having some fun! But it can be challenging to drive up to the top floor with your car, so be patient!


The ramp on the third floor

Appearance Edit

It's a pretty boring building, there are 3 floors with 20 parking spots on each floor (excluding the 1st floor which has 16). The foundation is a grey concrete, the parking spots are paved in white, and the floors (concrete) are a darkish black.

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