To start this mission, go to the police station and walk in. You will be walking in the police station like you are going to get a job, but you will go to the right and talk to Mick. Your converstation will go like this.

Mick: Oh, hey

You: where are your doughnuts, Mick?

Mick: I’ve been patrolling the town all day, and when I got back here I realized I had lost all my doughnuts!

You: That’s awful! How can I help?

Mick: If you could find a dozen of them, I would be very grateful!

You: I will try not to eat them!

Then, you will go around and find the daughnuts at the below locations.

1) flag pole (Police station) 2) on diving board (small one) 3)High School (front desk) 4) super-mart (2nd Register) 5) car dealership (table) 6) on top of gas pump (gas station) 7) Inside gas station (back on bottom shelf) 8) nomburger table (tall ones) 9) park (top of slide) 10) on park picnic table 11) parking garage (side of entrance on wall) 12) robbers spawn (entrance )

After you are done with collecting the doughnuts, go to the police station and talk to Mick.

AND BOOM! You get $1,500! Amazing right?

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