This is a change log for RoCitizens, including a list of all recent updates to the game. The list goes back as far as 4/7/2015.

4/7/2015: Accessories were added, as well as more saving security and a data loss issue fix.

4/12/2015: Car menu issue was fixed in the game.

5/8/2015: A new sound system was added, along with a new house saving/loading system, and furniture placement/collisions.

6/24/2015: Two new houses and a bunch of new furniture were added.

9/27/2015: Weather/messaging app added, weather/season system added, FilteringEnabled support added, redesigned menu, and a smartphone was added.

9/30/2015: Item duplication fix, fun need fix, work tasks fix, codes fix, and a soundsystem fix.

10/8/2015: Code box was fixed, as well as a new code release.

10/12/2015: Halloween decoration was added, as well as top floor apartments, cooking visuals, trading system, a few new items such as candy, and bug fixes.

10/13/2015: Update to the inventory system to fix infinite loading.

11/7/2015: Halloween decoration was removed from the game.

12/17/2015: New furniture, home surface placement, updated sales pitches on some items, a furniture-placement fix, upgrade to job system, new career added with tasks.

12/21/2015: Minor tweaks/bug fixes throughout the game.

12/25/2015: Inventory glitch was fixed in the game, as well as a mystery gift within the daily bonus feature until 1/15/2016, and a few clothing updates.

2/16/2016: Two new homes were added, including the Antine Villa, and also a lot of small updates, along with bug fixes.

3/16/2016: Clothing inventory change in Bailley's clothing shop, now showcasing spring themed clothes.

3/30/2016: A leaderboard bug was fixed in the game.

4/28/2016: Improved car frames, car attachments, new job system, theme change, and renovated buildings were all added to the game.

5/4/2016: The monarch car frame was added to the game.

6/2/2016: Support for dialog prompts were added on mobile platforms.

6/18/2016: Support for wall items in homes was added.

6/24/2016: Nurse job was added; along with a laundry room/cafeteria addition to the hospital.

7/21/2016: RoCitizens is released on the XBox platform.

7/23/2016: Fixed freezing bug on XBox platform.

7/29/2016: Large furniture addition was added; along with a clothing inventory change in Bailley's clothing shop.

8/3/2016: A few game interfaces were changed due to ROBLOX updates breaking them.

8/11/2016: Added new LIMITED furniture and two new quests for the ROBLOX event! Also patched several bugs and an exploit. Trading system is back!

9/10/2016: Major polish and optimization updates for GUIs, first luxury car frame: the Jaguar, car limit raised to 5, exploit patch, and framework laid for upcoming features.

16/10/2016: Halloween update (including new candy, furniture, and designs) OTHER: Changed max car limit to 5!

3/11/2016: Due to saving issues, for the next 2-3 weeks, all clothing will be free to buy & save! Also seasonal clothing will be cycled in soon so you can get your limiteds again!

18/12/2016: Added Christmas theme, daily gift through the end of December, fireplace furniture, hot cocoa recipe, and more

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