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RoCity High School is a vanity building inside of RoCitizens. It currently has no purpose, hence the title of a vanity building. It has it's own parking lot.

Location Edit

The RoCity High School is across from the Police Station, and is next to the Super-Mart. It is near the edge of the map.

Exterior Edit

The outer wall color of the high school is a very light colored brown. It has some air conditioning units on the roof, and has at least one window on each side. It also has a football field, with two yellow goals at each end of the field and two sets of bleachers on either side of the field. On the front of the building, there is grey text reading "RoCity High School".

Interior Edit

The floor of the building is a nougat color. The roof is a darker white color. As you enter, you'll see a front desk room with 3 chairs and a T shaped desk. To your right, you'll see a cafeteria room with many tables and a line with food in each bin. In the office room, there is a principal's office breaking off of the room. There is also a storage room near the front desk in the hallway.

In each classroom, there are 20 desks, all with either red, yellow, blue, or green chairs. To the right of the desks, there is a teachers desk, and at the front of the room, there are 3 whiteboards. There are 3 of the normal classrooms, and one science lab. The science lab has 9 tables, with 3 whiteboards at the far end of the room, and a teachers desk located to the right of those whiteboards.

After going through the locker rooms, you'll find a basketball court with two hoops on either end of the court.

Trivia Edit

  • There is a donut for Mick's quest located in the front desk area of the school.
  • Many players come to school to role play. Teacher and students are famous roles.
  • Generally, in most servers people decide the timings of school to be from 10am till 3 pm