Seasons were added in the 9/27/15 update. Currently each season lasts 7 in-game days, which is around 2 hours in real-life. You can see the current date and what season the game is currently in on your News App.


A Blizzard (aka Winter Storm) in the town of RoCitizens.


A Clear Summer in the town on RoCitizens.

Weather Edit


A very rare "Clear Winter" in the town of RoCitizens.

Depending on the season, certain weather like snow and rain can be performed.

Summer: Clear; Rain; Rain + Thunderstorm (rare); Sun; Sun and Cloudy; Cloudy

Spring: Clear; Rain; Rain + Thunderstorm; Sun; Sun and Cloudy; Cloudy

Fall: Clear; Rain; Rain + Thunderstorm; Sun (rare); Sun and Cloudy; Cloudy

Winter: Clear (rare); Cloudy; Snow; Snowstorm

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