The Spawn Point is a small outdoor area where players spawn. It is actually not considered a building.


The Spawn Point is where you spawn in the game when you join or die in a server. To the right of it is the Movie Theatre, to the right of it is Club Ice and Paghetti's, and to the front is the main highway and Spencer Auto Sales.


Hardtimes Henry

Hardtimes Henry

The spawn point is completely outdoors. The imagery is very basic. There is a green hedge around the spawn point, and a grey sidewalk that a car can just about fit through. There are four red ”pads” and that is where you spawn when you join the game. There is sand and four trees behind the hedges.


Along with a daily bonus, you used to earn a daily gift as well. However, the daily gift earning ended January 5th, 2015.

Zombie henry

2016 Halloween Henry

The 2016 Halloween update has added a maze like look to the spawn point.

Hardtimes Henry

There is also an NPC holding two quests, who you can find out more about by clicking here.