• I was loading up RoCitizens for the first time then I left because it was taking a while to load. When I got back my screen was dark and I clicked so it would become bright again but I accidently clicked on female. I do not want to be female because I am a boy and I do not want to be a girl in this game. I think this game is really fun but I need to get to the right gender.

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    • okay there are 2 ways to do it :

      A) Buy and wear male clothing. 

      B) Go to my phone app, and go to 3rd page. over there, there is the restart app. click on it, and you can play the game form begining. 

      However, when you do the option B, You will lose your progress and start as a new player. 

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    • I reset and it didn't give me the option

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    • My little brother was on my computer and playing roblox on my account, and he played my favorite game on my new account and pressed boy bc he thought it was his account and didn't understand. So i looked it up on how to change my gender on rocitizens and there is no help to be found! I don't like being a boy on this game! :( Can someone respond

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