Back Everyone!

After a kinda deserved vacation, I'm finally back everybody! Yay! As you might of noticed yesterday, I was on for a little while using my tablet, but I haven't done much.

New Editor!

So guys, after a long wait and while, we finally have a new editor! You might of noticed it on the front page of the wiki, but now, Nevinlikeaboss is the new editor! You should send a message to him on his talk page congratulating him! But if you still want to be an editor, don't worry! You are still able to apply for the job! Since Nevinlikeaboss is our new editor, we feel it's right that he takes the title of being in charge of all the requests for being an editor. Happy editing!


Nevinlikeaboss has also added plenty of new pictures! We at RoCitizens Wiki should give him a HUGE thank you for this, as it really helps brighten up our wiki! If someone could help with the descriptions and categorizations for them, that would be greatly appreciated! 

Special Thanks!

I would also like to give a special thanks to recent editors: Reddium, and Dark Yada.

I know this was a short blog post, but I hope everyone is happy with this up to date info. Bye!

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