I'm Back!

Wow... I don't know what to say. It has been forever since I have last been on this wiki, and it had grown so much. I thank everyone for contributing to the wiki, even though there wasn't a single admin on board. I really love the support that you are all giving to this wiki. After I got my new computer, I didn't want to download a lot of video games, because then my computer would go completely slow, so I though... I will download 10 games. Let's take a look at what I can get.

Minecraft, Rocket League, ROBLOX, and yeah...

So, after playing ROBLOX for a little while, I seen RoCitizens on the front page (again) and decided that I would play it. I decided to take a look at the new car customization (it isn't new anymore but was new to me when I played the game yesterday), and thought to myself "I should add this to the wiki. Wait... I retired from that wiki, didn't I? Why don't I go back to it." And yeah that's about how it went. I am now back! I'm sure no one recognizes me, as last time I was on was about 4 months ago, but if you do, thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart. I really mean that, as I love RoCitizens and really want this wiki and community to grow as a whole. But you want to know what's bad... 

I'm writing this at school. Yikes, guess I should be doing my work, right?

Well, I gotta do my work, so I am going to make this simple. Thank you everyone for reading, and I am officially back. It also seems that I am the only admin (well actually I am) so that means I'm basically the new owner. I will be editing and adding pages, videos, pictures, ect. once I get home from school today. Bye everyone, until next time!

WalkingDead=Life (talk) 18:20, June 14, 2016 (UTC)

(P.S: I finally updated the codes. I know you were all mad about that.)

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