HEADLINE: "A brand new blog!
Hello, and welcome to the first issue of The Weekly RoScoop! This newsletter updates at irregular intervals, specifically whenever RoCitizens updates. An old user to the wiki, IIJooJooII, used to do a similar blog like your reading right now. I decided to carry it on, and I used the same layout as previously conducted for the blog post. Here I will post about exciting news, both about the game and wiki. Be sure to check often for new posts!
We don't post codes!
I need to inform everyone of this, as everyone seems to be desiring codes from us. We are not the official developers of RoCitizens, we just run the wiki for it. If you really want to demand codes, which would probably lower your ratio of acquiring new ones, talk to Firebrand1 on ROBLOX. He's always open to messaging, but he might sometimes not get your message.. and he apologizes sincerely. He just has a lot going on and doesn't have time for every single message,
New Update!
RoCitizens was officially updated on 11/24. The new update includes a redesigned Super-Mart, a new layout of your phone along with a new recipe app, and also new recipes to go along with that. I hope your all very excited! The name of the game was also changed to "[NEW COOKING RECIPES] RoCitizens".
Making Random Pages
I've noticed some users making random pages, that have no irrelevance to RoCitizens or are just pure nonsense and spam. If you feel necessary to make one of these dumb pages, you will be completely kicked from our wiki, and will never be able to access it again. We want to keep our wiki neat and tidy, so please don't do this.
New Editor?
We may be looking for a new editor to the wiki. We love having new staff, so feel free to apply on the owner or the lead admin.

Until next time!

WalkingDead=Life (talk) 16:32, November 27, 2016 (UTC)

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