HEADLINE: "Humble Beginnings
Hello, and welcome to the first issue of JooJoo's Citizen Scoop! This newsletter updates at irregular intervals, specifically, whenever RoCitizens updates. All facts are data gathered by me, through many resources. Well, that's all for now, check out the other sections!
UPDATES: November 8, 2015
On that day, every trace of Halloween vanished. The Hay Maze was still kept, and your items were still safe. However, other than that, things were back to normal. A glitch involving the "Fun Moodlet" was fixed on the new servers, but still remains on old ones.
We are in need of an "Editor" to join our staff. I might make some stupid mistakes, or forget something major. That's where the Editor comes in. If you want, come on down!
FEATURED FORUM: What feature would you get...

What feature would you get rid of if you were the creator of RoCitizens?

This forum post makes you really wonder about the question. I think it's just BEAUTIFUL! I think it's a wonderful idea. Everybody should go check it out! (Just watch your language ;-;)

Well, this is the first issue, and I think it went pretty great! Anyways, I hope you enjoy guys, bye!


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