I'm not sure if this will be a daily thing, but if there's any day where I make a crapton of changes, I'll post about it here. This is not a wiki update log, but an update log for what I have personally done.

I've added three new templates; two of which are simply re-colored versions of two previous templates, and one that I removed some things from that were not needed, mainly for personal use, but if you find a reason to use them, be sure to do that.

  1. Header Template (1 param)
  2. User Profile Template (0 params)
  3. User Edit Count Template (2 params)

On the 28th, I announced I'd be filling in some of the building pages that were missing. I have begun to do so, and I believe there are only 4-6 left for me to fill. If you have any information that you want me to add to the pages when I make them, post them below. I do have a certain template that I'm making the building pages in, so please don't be that one person who wants to steal my thunder and make it on their own when I am going to do it later. I'll probably end up just re-writing it.

I've made some chat guidelines, which are mostly from the official wikia chat guidelines, but I re-worded them and I will be adding some custom rules to them very soon. If you want to look at them, click here.

And last but not least, I have started up this wiki's twitter page, with permission of WalkingDead=Life. I will be re-posting facebook messages there and I may start up an "article of the day" or "edit of the day" to award users for making/editing pages. I'm not completely sure yet, but for now that's my idea. View the twitter page by clicking here .

I also made this completely irrelevant but cool profile design that I used for myself. I'm not saying you can't use it, but I'd prefer you not unless you ask for permission to use it. I just wanted to show you it. It currently uses the templates that I remade/removed things from, and the layout inspiration was from IIJooJooII. If you want to see it, you can click here. (and oh my gosh please stop assuming I'm JooJoo, I'm honestly not.)
Do you like the twitter/facebook banner I made?

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