If any of you have been here for a while, which I haven't but I've been able to look back at what previously was going on here, you'll probably know that IIJooJooII had a "Citizen Scoop" magazine/article thing, that he never updated. I liked the idea, so I decided to make my own. I will be updating this every week, unless RoCitizens gets an update in which I will be updating as soon as possible after the update. Without further ado, here it is!

RoCity Chronicles - Issue #1

Main Update
User of the Week
This week, a nurse job was added into newer servers! You can now collect items that the patients in the intensive care unit room need from around the hospital, such as sheets, food, and medicine. A pharmacy, cafeteria, and laundry room was also added to the game with this update, allowing the users to get items that patients require. A few other updates were added, however most were either exploit patches or bug fixes. The user of the week award goes to Wikiamadstudio for contributing over 10 times this week! Congratulations Wikiamadstudio! You can view his edit counts here.
Forum of the Week

Along with user of the week, there's a forum of the week! If you want to be in the spotlight here, just post on the forum commonly, and get a good community reputation. If you can do that, you're sure as gold to get this spot! This week's winner of the Forum of the Week goes to "Blue Background?" posted by WalkingDead=Life! This forum is about the recent change in the forum background color, as it changed from white to a baby blue. If you want to leave your opinion on the matter, click here or on the forum title above to reply.

Achievement of the Week

In other relations to "of the week" awards, I'm going to be doing a weekly accomplishment that not only one person did, but the entire wiki reached together. Here's this weeks accomplishment, which we achieved at 6/30/2016! The achievement is... 3000 edits! Thank you all for the support on the wiki and all of the contributions you have given us, as every single edit that is made helps us reach higher goals. Here's to 1000 more!

Social Media - Twitter!

You heard us right! We now have a twitter account! It's managed by me, YouFoundJojo, and I will be posting the most recent news for the wiki and RoCitizens as a whole. We also have a facebook, which you probably already knew, but it's there! We also got a new banner for both facebook and twitter, which you can vote on here.

New Wiki Admins
This week, the wiki got quite a few new admins! Some were promoted to chat moderator, and some were even promoted to bureaucrat! Congrats to these admins:
  • OceansHaveWater - This user was promoted from a non-admin to a chat moderator!
  • The Poetry Goat - This user was promoted from a chat moderator to a bureaucrat!
  • YouFoundJojo - This user was promoted from a non-admin to a chat moderator!
  • YOU - You may become a staff member one day. All you need to do is create an account, add a profile picture, tell us a little bit about yourself by editing your profile page, and then edit regularly and stay with the wiki for a few days. We are currently only accepting 10 admins, but that being said, we're still looking for some staff!
Notice to Unnamed Contributors
WalkingDead=Life has been seeing that many unnamed contributors are roaming the wiki helping us improve. Unnamed contributors are people who haven't yet created an account. A notice to all of these users: we will be disabling unnamed contributor access, so if you want to continue helping improve the wiki, create an account! It's free! You could have more fun, interact more with others, and more! WalkingDead=Life hops that more people will be encouraged to create an account and engage with the community because of this.
That's about it! Tune in for the next issue in another week! :)