1. To be Honest. What is wrong With People? I Saw People Saying "free codes totaly acurate!!!" What is Wrong With People Upon Searching The Wiki.When im About to Create A Article All i See Is "haha i like the code where you get 100,000" There's No Code that give's 100,000 Except The other Code That Gives 10,000 Which is Currently Expired.How can This Clickbait Be Stopped. When i Search "Rocitizens" On YouTube I Hear Is "free money glitch only 2018" "working codes now only 2018 march"And,Some Clickbait Thumbnail's This Article is About The Rocitizen's Scam Called "Working code's" People Say "Working code try [Scam]" and The Viewer's Just Try it,The Second Thing you Know Kabam! The code Does'nt Work!.Its Usually a Waste of Time.Why Not Just Try Going through The Wiki (This Site) And Seeing Code's That is not Expired,Already used.
  2. And.Try to Avoid Rocitizen Free Code Only working 2017,2018,2019 Or So. Or March,December,etc Because This Is Driving Me Nuts!.
  3. Upon Searching YouTube You Will Se Famous Youtuber's Saying Out Glitch's,Code's.Then For Some YouTuber's Only 11% Work's (I've Did Some Research)
  4. Usually There's Only 15,16,17 Neigborhood Watch's Or So.So Please Dont Make This Mistake Your Video's Will get Dislike's.